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Elevate Philosophy – Embrace Your Uniqueness

Elevate Philosophy – Embrace Your Uniqueness
October 12, 2016 Eric Damewood
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This is the seventh in an eight-part blog series about what makes Elevate Recoveries a different kind of collection agency.  Instead of mission and vision statements, Elevate Recoveries employs a simple philosophy that we try to instill in our team. The seventh component of our philosophy is to “embrace your uniqueness”.

uniquenessWhile some research suggests that a dress-for-success mentality can affect how one is viewed by others and themselves, there is also research supporting the theory that employees can be equally or more productive if they are allowed to express themselves in how they dress. For some, wearing business or business casual attire may give them the self-confidence they need to be successful but for others their self-confidence comes from within…so we give our employees the flexibility to decide.

Looking at the Elevate collection floor, one will see a variety of self-expression: slacks with dress shirts, blue jeans with t-shirts, dresses with tennis shoes (or is that a kilt?), purple hair, tattoos, body piercings…even a Green Bay Packers jersey in the heart of Dallas Cowboys territory.  In the cubicles there are flowers, pictures of loved ones, balloons and inspirational quotes right next to the mini-Miranda and our talk-offs. Our Wall of Dreams offers employees a place to express their dreams, goals and motivations – whether it be a new car, more money, a family or a college degree.

Given all of the expectations that are placed on collection agency personnel, for Elevate it simply makes sense that our staff be given the flexibility to express themselves.  If our Payment Advisors are comfortable and relaxed, then they are more likely to be comfortable and relaxed with the consumer. This can aid in building rapport with the consumer, thus increasing the chances of helping the consumer satisfy their financial obligations. We truly believe that allowing our team members the freedom to express and embrace their uniqueness results in a happier and more productive employee.