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Elevate Recoveries is a healthcare collections company created to “elevate” the patient’s experience during the collection process. We are dedicated to providing a collection service for our clients that treats their patients with the dignity and respect that everyone deserves.

Our company’s success is based on our culture. We believe in hiring great negotiators who are capable of creating a customized solution for each patient, which allows them to pay off their debt as quickly as their finances will allow.



  • To the Employees and Management of Elevate Recoveries,

    I wanted to express my heart felt gratitude to your company.

    There are many collection agencies in the market today and all of them that I have dealt with can take a lesson from Elevate Recoveries.

    Your staff is professional and courteous, yes…courteous.  Your values and customer care shine through to your patrons when engaging in business matters with staff.  I felt like I was speaking to a friend who was genuinely trying to help, not someone who was just trying to recover a debt.

    Your ethics speak volumes in how you dealt with and handled my issues.  The speed at which you addressed my concerns shows how well your business model was carefully structured.  Today I received a friendly and warm phone call from your associate who walked me through the process of opening my settlement letter.  She was patient and helpful, staying on the line answering all of my questions until I had the letter printed.

    Again, I wanted to express my heart felt gratitude to Elevate Recoveries and to all who handled my business in this transaction.  I will never need to use your business in my given profession as I am a Nursing Director at a small hospital in bush Alaska – in the middle of no where, but if I ever did need use of such services I would seek out your company to handle my affairs.

    Kuddos to you all and many blessing to each of you and your company.

    Shelly S.


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